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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Types Of Zombies

I have been a big fan of the zombie movies since I was a kid . Over the years I watched a lot of the good ones so i am Compiling a list of various zombies I saw 

1.Nazi Zombies 
Appeared in the movie snow dead 
2. Fat Zombie
Appeared in the movie Zombieland . Great mixture of zombies and comedy 
3. Zombie Strippers
Zombies with talent you can say . Movie :- Zombie strippers
4. Zombie Dogs 
They might make you a cat person. movie :- Resident evil
5. The Smart Ass Zombie
Hoping to develop some human characteristics are the dreams of every zombie
Movie :- Land of the Dead 
6. Celebrity Zombie 
Shit happens Jay Leno Zombie  . Movie :- Dawn of the dead 
7. Zombie Kids 
From AMC :- The walking dead 

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