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Monday, 17 September 2012


I am 18 and people would say that not a age to think about dying  but as Bob Dylan said "if you are not busy living you're busy dying". So today I am taking this time out to let you know how I want to go away. Normally people want others to come to there funeral to pay last respects and mourn. I don't understand the  mourning  part, to me funeral is the last chance for you to make someone smile. I have always told my brother that my funeral should be the most awesome one ever. Though I am a Hindu I want to be buried like Christian this give me more opportunity to celebrate my death. Here are the few things that I want at my funeral

1. I want "baby got back " and "without me" to be played at my funeral. These songs could make anything and everything funnier. 
2. Perhaps someone could perform a stand up comedy act about death 
3. This might sound childish but I want someone to change my Facebook status to "re spawning in 5 4 3 2 1 "
4. I want my tomb to carry something funny that people remembered me by like " the guy who followed Bro before hoes to death "

I know at later ages perhaps I might want none of it. But I am sure that I do not want anyone to shed tears for me that I can't even see. Also when I go I want it to be as painless as possible , I don't to die in a hospital with my crap being wiped off by a nurse. As for the serious part here a few things that you should actually do.

1. If  you are old and know your end is coming , divide your property equally and efficiently so that there is quarrel and suing wars among your family when you go. 
2. If you don't have a family then, give away everything to charity. Its better to give it to charity then having some scum-bag distant relative of yours to claim it .
3. Organ donation - give away anything that is possible . Eyes for sure doesn't disfigure you in anyway.
4. NO REGRETS - when you go away don't have any regrets. You don't want yourself to be one day, sitting alone thinking that if you had proposed to that girl in your college you might have had a family that could have looked after you today .

I know that living a life without regrets isn't possible but then have the courage to face them . Well this is what I believe and even if anyone of you want everybody to mourn at your death its totally normal .

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