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Sunday, 30 September 2012


We all have our fantasies some of them fade off with the age, some of them come back to you at certain interval of your life , some of them remain with you forever . I am gonna share some of mine with you all 

1. Saving school from terror attack :- Dreamed about it a lot where I fight like chuck norris and knock-out at least two or three of them . Then die like a martyr followed by my awesome funeral . My family would  receive some posthumous medal for me and my school might start a football league in my honour .

2. Being an hacker/awesome computer guy :- Had it a few times when I was reading about Assange, Sean parker and Anonymous. This fantasy usually goes this way I trace terrorists, fight for freedom of speech with Anonymous or start a site like facebook.

3. Being the dictator head of my country :- It involves me being the powerful head of my country taking all the tough decisions. Stop illegal construction , mining , taking initiative for clean water and future planning etc etc. As much as I wish for this watching an episode of family guy (It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One) made me realise that even if I become some politician , I would be no better than  any other of them.

4. Being invisible:- I guess this is more of a guy fantasy because first thing I would do is see girls naked and then steal away whatever I want . In correlation to it I can manage with the power of night crawler to teleport wherever I want . I don't know what a girl would do after she gets invisible .

5. Going back in time/stopping the time :- This one is sad because I want to undo my mistakes but mostly my family's series of stupid decisions . Although this limits to my eight grade before that there wasn't any significant mistakes in my life. Stopping the time comes to me before a difficult exam or a approaching deadline and sometimes in a boring a lecture with lots of hot girls .

6. Surviving Zombie apocalypse :- I have always been a fan of zombie genre movie and would love to see it happen but with so many movies on this subject I guess even of it happens it wouldn't last long.

7. Having the perfect love story :-  I don't dream of it everyday but it comes to sometimes. Its difficult to happen as I am big introvert when it comes to expressing emotions and I don't like to spend my money on others (seriously if stereotypes are true I am worse then jews) . Also right now I don't even have a crush on anybody which is a bit liberating. I don't know what exactly love is but as far as I have figured is that moment when you are to differentiate it from your lust.

8. Being rich 

Apart from that I always wanted to be a rapper though I don't have much skills in that area I just want the respect after winning a rap battle . I guess same goes with being a hacker and good at gaming. Anyway I can still save my university from terrorist attack jk, I might run away and give interviews to reporters outside. There are many more of them but these are the most prominent ones.

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