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Thursday, 20 September 2012


I don't really know whether, I believed in god or not. I remember my brother telling that religion is a constitution that cannot be amended (despite the fact he is deeply religious though in a human way ). Also it is often said that instead of wishing for a bicycle its easier to steal one and ask for forgiveness. People always insists on the fact that god is impartial even though they can't explain the suffering of thousands of innocent people in Somalia and Afghanistan. As of now religion has only placed barriers for people to live together. Even if there is a god I presume he is losing to the devil in a very pathetic way. Racism , Sexual attraction ,laziness and greed have been implanted in our brains and we just live in a denial state. Also , for me I never got any proof of god. A religious book is same for me as a Harry potter book its just that we can see J K Rowling. The concept of heaven always amazed me because despite the fact that no one had ever seen it, people did crazy things to go there (9/11). I believe that providing charities to religious institutions is a waste of money as they act as a middlemen in the process of helping the needy and the poor. I guess the concept of god was developed so that people would be able to live in harmony as the basic teachings of all the religions are same , they all promote non violence , peace and compassion. Its better to live a life as a compassionate human and be a atheist than being a total scumbag yet a believer .
I guess it easier for me not to believe in god because if he/she exists I am sure going to hell. As Lev Yilmaz said If he/she is there , one thing is sure that he would be terribly disappointed in us. Pic related god could be black too

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