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Friday, 21 September 2012

Things Guy could do after breakup

1. Gaming :D. Time to kick ass in virtual world as your real life isn't going anywhere now .
2. Living on the couch :- Drink , eat and sleep on the couch, get up only to piss and always wear sweatpants 
3. Burn and smash - This includes stuff that she gave you, pictures of her and things you bought for her .
4. Grow a beard.
5. Get home alone and sing as loud as you can / watch chick flicks .
6. Get laid to get over her or the easy way :- watch porn and masturbate.
7. Realise that the only way you would get a girl again is work on your body but don't work on it anyway .
8. Stalk her facebook profile / buy a pet.
9. Realise that what all you could have done rather than being with her / reunite with your single bros.
10 Cry yourself to bed thinking that she was the only girl for you and you will never be loved again .
I have never been through a break up so these are just stereotypes and feedback from friends .


  1. I will keep these things in mind!
    But since I am in a relationship for 2 years now, I don't think I'll need them soon.